Soul’d Out

I’ve heard this concept of “selling the soul” more times than I can count. I was first introduced to it back when the whole “Illuminati” propoganda campaign started, or when it caught my attention around late 2009–early 2010. I remember seeing websites and YouTube videos full of theories on celebrities and how they were literally selling their souls to some dark Over Lords, rituals that were being performed, mind control, sexual deviances, you name it. I could go on and on about that. The point is that I’m aware of all the theories. I don’t doubt that rituals are performed, or that there’s sex rings, and mind control taking place, perhaps by some of the accused people, perhaps not. That’s not my purpose for this entry. I honestly don’t give a fvck if they are doing those things. It has no bearing on my life, and therefore doesn’t occupy any mental space, or emotional energy on my end. Neither should it matter to you.

What has peeved me about this whole “selling the soul” phenomenon, which has become a common phrase these days, is that it’s a completely ridiculous concept in the way it’s being used. Through my personal spiritual experiences I’ve gathered that this idea that someone can in an oath hand their soul over to someone or something, and no longer have dominion over it in this or the afterlife, is completely ridiculous. Your soul…or within this reality I should say the spirit, is your mind, and the Laws of Tehuti taught us “The Mind is All, and The Universe is Mental”. These are facts. It is you. It is the individual’s entire existence. What is being proposed exactly? That your soul gets confined to some realm of this entity’s choosing or something? Lol We literally possess the mind of God. If you’ve consciously maneuvered in astral realms you know that this seems kind of absurd. You are the captain of your own ship, and your mind is the limit. That has been my experience thus far, which is limited at this point on my path. I’d be considered  baby in comparison to many, so I can only speak from where I stand at this point in time.

Now, on the other hand, I have my own personal definition of selling one’s soul, and what’s ironic is that many of the people sitting around worried about what a celebrity is doing with theirs are actually the culprits. So, what’s my definition of selling the soul? Well, it’s more like “selling out on the soul”. This is done by ignoring the reality of the spirit/soul in exchange for a solely physical existence. What does that look like? That looks like someone who spends their entire lives from the perspective of being nothing more than human. Only concerned with their jobs, clothes, homes, families, etc. Someone who makes no attempts to understand reality beyond what can be perceived with the 5 senses, or who doesn’t make a connection between their conscious mind and the subconscious, or Higher Self. You’re selling out on your soul by ignoring it…by pretending that it doesn’t exist. Who/What are you selling out to? Your ego, which is that person(ality) you believe yourself to be.

We all have to participate in humanity in one way or another. We have to earn a living, and play roles such as mother, father, son, daughter, etc. These things can’t be avoided, but we don’t have to be so consumed by them that they become our entire reality. If you’re sitting around obessing over celebrities under the impression that you’re on some noble quest for knowlege and truth, the gag is you’re only being distracted from the true knowledge which is knowledge of self. There are many distractions and detours cloaked in the illusion of vital knowledge and wisdom, that aren’t actually going to do anything for your personal spiritual progression. It’s all about self…Spirit, and once you give Spirit the attention it’s trying to get from you it’ll naturally guide you to what you need intuitively.

Ancient artifacts depicting a human making a contract with a demonic looking “devil” in exchange for the soul, was in reality a metaphor for exactly what I’m describing. The “devil” essentially is the ego….HUMANITY. So, you could say many of those people are in fact selling their souls, just not in the way that the public thinks, and ironically, in the way that those speculating are actually selling their own. We are Divine Beings, the majority of whom have succumbed to the illusion, so it’s in fact many of us ourselves… in the audience…who soul’d out.

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