Spiritual Gumbo

Disclaimer: Anything I share on this blog is my opinion, and from my own experience. Take what you like, leave what you don’t.

I titled this post “Spiritual Gumbo”, because in contemplating my own spiritual path I realized I’m pretty much all over the place. However, that works for me. I allow myself the freedom to pick something up and put it down just as quickly if it doesn’t suit me, ceases to resonate, or doesn’t heed the type of results I’m looking for. What type of results are those? The types that are useful and empower me. This can mean anything from inspiration in my writing, my understanding of spiritual concepts, life, people, relationships, this reality, etc. More specifically anything that helps me to grow and progress spiritually, physically, emotionally, financially, you name it. This can also be something that helps me to tap into parts of my inner world, deeper aspects of my mind, abilities, my magick, etc. I’m gonna touch on just a few categories, using some of my personal examples, just to give you an example of what that may look like. Keep in mind that you should have your own recipe, that suits YOUR taste. Even if someone else thinks your ingredients are absolutely sick and disgusting…it doesn’t matter. They don’t have to eat it, or shit it…you do.

Psychology/Chakra Work

Believe it or not this is a huge part of spirituality. Most people on the outside looking in assume that we’re all just kooks doing spooky, weird, and evil shit. The truth is, any truly spiritual person can testify that 90% of people in a “spiritual profession” are some form of a healer, who was usually once damaged and broken themselves. Hence the popular term, “the wounded healer”. It’s through learning to heal ourselves of certain traumas that we know how to teach others to do the same. Some healing is done energetically, but the majority of it, especially most chakra work, can be accomplished through basic study of psychology, (Google your bs), self-diagnosis, honest self-reflection, and the will to do so. Read a few chakra books as well, and you’re on your way. Different books will give you different techniques and insights, so it’s best to read more than one.

Eastern/Western Occultism

In case you aren’t familiar with the terms “occult”, or “occultism”, they by definition mean, “the hidden”. This refers to many things unseen by the naked eye. People find the word kinda cringy because of its similarity to the word “cult”, which carries very negative connotations, and rightly so, but one has nothing to do with the other. There are even some spiritual people that steer clear of the word occult, when if you are dealing with “the hidden”, you are in fact dealing with the occult. I don’t care if it’s chakras, meditation, acupuncture, etc., if an aspect of it is unseen…it’s occult. Religious people are dealing with the occult as well, because last I checked they can’t see Jesus or their God with the naked eye…thus…”the hidden”. I’ve also noticed that Eastern occultists shy away from the word occult due to its dark connotations and them considering themselves so “light”. I personally utilize methods on my path that, although they are one in the same, can be classified as both Eastern and Western occultism. For example, I am very into meditation, which is a huge part of both, though mostly associated with the East. I’m also very into Qigong, and Pranayama, (energy work) which originated in the East. On the other hand I also perform rituals, use divination tools such as tarot cards, work with various deities, ancestors/spirits, etc.; things generally referred to as “dark”, and associated with the West. In my study of Eastern occultism, I’ve come across several practical methods, that when compared to a Western method, cultivated the same result, just through different mental approaches. Additionally, the West tends to use external tools, whereas the East focuses more on the body/energy/mind. However, the misconception is that the Western method isn’t relying on the body/mind/energy as well, because of their use of tools, when in fact they are. It’s not the tool that does the work alone…it’s the mind. The West also gets a bad rap in terms of the occult because it’s thought to be predominantly materialistically focused.  However, this is honestly a generalization due to a lot of the literature published over the last century mostly by Caucasians. Each individual ultimately decides their own motivations. My personal motivation is spiritual enlightenment, and I plan to conquer my Earthly purpose, limitations, and challenges as well.

As stated before, I allow myself to gravitate towards what feels right for me, as should you. I’m personally grateful that I delved things in the order that I did, because now I’m able to filter the religion and dogma from my Eastern studies, and simply apply the techniques, knowledge, and wisdom. Had it not been for my understanding of philosophies such as Hermeticism, Gnosticism, etc, which I gained through my studies considered to be more associated with the West, I’d be caught up in all of that, or in the least, unable to properly interpret it. So, no, you don’t have to choose between East or West, Africa or Asia, old or new. Do what thou wilt 😈😆



After touching on how Eastern and Western occultism is really all just one thing, I thought I’d expand in this area by referencing Hermeticism. This is commonly known as Universal Law, Universal Principles, Laws of Tehuti, Hermes, etc. The “Law/Principle of Polarity”, states that, “everything is dual, everything has two poles, and everything has its opposite. All manifested things have two sides, two aspects, or two poles”. #Facts A simple way to explain this is there’s really no such thing as hot and cold…only temperature. No love and hate, only a wide spectrum of emotions we feel towards something or someone. Basically, the same goes for the so-called Dark and Light paths, Left and Right Hand paths, etc. If I had to say whether I am Dark or Light, Left or Right Hand Path, I’d have to say I just am. I do whatever I wanna do, and don’t do what I don’t wanna do. Another example would be the terms Light and Dark Magick, which I don’t use, because magick is magick. It’s not dark or light; it just is. It can be used however one chooses, and there is where the differentiation lies….with the practitioner. We could go further into the misconceptions of light and dark, positive and negative, good and evil themselves, but I digress. I personally filter everything through the Universal Laws/Principles, and go from there. Saves me a lot of time. (I’m trying not to make this too long…really realizing now I could go much more detailed on this shit…😅)


I’m personally very much into science as well. Some spiritual people shy away from it, but many see it as basically a logical validation for what they already know intuitively and through experience. I’ve personally always been into studying it since a child, and use a lot of their findings on the nature of this reality and genetics in particular, as reference points for what is possible regarding my own personal technology, being my mind and body. I also noticed that many Quantum scientists, physicists, etc., are actually able to get away with saying shit that when repeated by us, in layman’s terms, gets us looked at like we’re insane. Like how this entire reality is an illusion, how time and space don’t actually exist, etc. It’s hilarious…and by hilarious, I mean a damn shame…😂😭 So, yeah, science is the shit…get some. (though I have to add that anything being revealed via the mainstream requires proper  discernment. It’s necessary to be able to detect and decipher scientific agendas and bs, and there is a lot of it in scientific “reveals”)


This is my baby right here. I love mythology. I fell in love with it when I was introduced to it by my favorite teacher. Though it’s viewed today often out of context, it was once a huge and necessary part of humanity. Now it’s just good for interesting stories and movies to the majority of people. However,  many spiritual people use it as a reference and guide. Mythology still lives on through us, and serves as a reference for our past, present, and future, whether any of us acknowledge it or not. Study mythology with the understanding that the characters are archetypes for each of our souls, and you may even recognize your own.


I personally always say that I have a love/hate relationship with astrology. That’s because it’s a constant reminder that within this reality I will never be fully in control. Our egos come equipped with these energies. Fortunately, through our spiritual work we can transmute many of them. Think of your mother’s womb as a cosmic portal upon which you passed through at a specific date, time, and location to pick up certain energies to carry with you through life. I personally study my own cosmology to understand what I’m working with here, and in some cases, up against. For example, I read in my birth chart that I had a problem with not finishing things I started, having great ideas, and not acting on them, not following through, etc. This was true. I took that shit personally…😠 I made those traits a part of my healing agenda, and changed those things about myself. This is an example of how astrology can be beneficial to your path. Taking an account of your positive energies can be a way to get hints as to your purpose, mission, etc., while the negative ones can hint towards lessons we are to learn or obstacles to work through in this life. I’m definitely not as studied in this area as a lot of people, because I limit it to my own placements. However, I’m going a little deeper into the influences of the planets and signs on each other, just to learn more about the particular energies I carry, and how the astrological movements can potentially affect me.

Yeah, so…I just realized this could end up way longer than anyone wants to read. So, I hope that the few examples I gave you at least conveyed the whole point of this post, which is just to do your own thing, and utilize many spiritual elements/tools or, to have many “ingredients” in your pot . There should be no set program to follow, or things you feel you should or shouldn’t, can or can’t do, due to someone else’s attempt to control us or their projected fears. Otherwise you’d pretty much just be religious. Why should your spiritual path be unique and customized for you by you? Because you are an individual with your own purpose for incarnating here, with your own lessons to learn and growth to make. Only your soul/spirit/Higher Self knows what those things are. Those answers are only within you… no one else. So listen to your strongest sense, your intuition, and figure it out. 💜

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