Is New Age Spirituality Encouraging Our Passivity?

I recently recorded a video on my Youtube channel where I was laid up in my bed at 5 a.m. unable to sleep after consuming way too much caffeine during the day. I decided to just unload my recent rants about the state of the world as usual. This particular rant was triggered after watching the Netflix documentary “Social Dilemma”, so a few of my points were piggybacking off of the topics raised in it. After I was done with my rant I felt the need to include a disclaimer to anyone watching ensuring them that I am not consumed by the topics I discuss. I’m not unaware that when you post the type of content I do, you can come off extremely affected and I see myself as being pretty balanced in that area. So, I gave the disclaimer because I’m mostly concerned with my content possibly inspiring that behavior in others, because I personally understand the importance of taking a break from the woes of the world, being present, and focusing on yourself and things you can control.

Still, I received a comment from one viewer encouraging me to ignore the issues I discuss, because by focusing on them I was only creating the physical reality that I was perceiving, and that “my life” was all that mattered. His comment which went on a little further was littered with all the typical New Age manifestation phraseology essentially. Because I had time today, I decided to post a response video where I dissected his comment and addressed each part separately. Here’s my issue with a lot of the New Age teachings. Let me preface this by saying that I myself am on my own spiritual journey, where I have studied and even applied the same concepts they were spewing. So, I understand the benefits of the teachings and how life-changing they can be. I’m not implying there’s nothing there to learn or benefit from, just that there’s good and bad in everything, and the bad I’ve discovered in a lot of the modern spiritual teachings is that it seems to possibly be more eogic than it is ethereal and that it seems to encourage passivity when it comes to the state of society and social issues.

Here’s what I mean. In my rant I was bringing attention to just how controlled and influenced we are, not only as Americans but as humans. This is a worldwide epidemic. If social media exists in a country, then you can be sure that its citizens are being influenced by propaganda of some sort. Let’s also not pretend that propaganda only became a thing after the invention of social media. It has always been used to control the masses. It’s an effective tool of mind control, as it influences, and often in a way that the observer doesn’t even realize the thoughts and opinions inspired weren’t originally their own. It goes beyond that though. The documentary “Social Dilemma” mostly focused on advertising and the roles it plays in influencing the public. I discussed how it feels like nothing can be taken at face value in this reality. Behind nearly everything is an agenda or hidden intention, and the average person is the target. It sometimes feels like everywhere you turn someone is trying to convince you to do, support, oppose, or believe something. Basically what you see is rarely what you get.

Now the points I was making can only be disputed by the ignorant, yet the commenter still managed to apply those concepts to what I was saying. I get it. I understand the power of the mind, the concepts of manifestation, co-creating with the Universe, and all of that. I just wasn’t aware that those very solid, very concrete building blocks of society exist because I’m observing them. According to these philosophies, if I just turn away and live my life as if we aren’t inundated with mind control techniques, and not completely controlled by the government, these things won’t exist or have any power or control over me. I didn’t know I was dealing in quantum theory here. Apparently, according to New Age teachings, if I just look away the particles and waves of oppression will just disintegrate. I’m being facetious, but my point is there is a time and place for these concepts, but it’s not all the time and everywhere.

I think that everyone conceptualizes information differently. When I learned these things I didn’t take them to mean that my thoughts literally shape my reality. My understanding was that my mind shapes my perception of reality, and my perception of reality then directly impacts which actions I go on to take that will ultimately affect my life. My takeaway from the advice this person gave was that they basically think that I should turn a blind eye to the things I discuss, and focus strictly on making my life as grand and fulfilling as it can possibly be. Only I feel like I’m already doing that as well. Why can’t I do both? What if this is me co-creating with the Universe? Also, what happens if everyone is so focused on their own spiritual journeys and manifestations that there’s no one left to challenge the system? This is what I mean by the New Age encouraging passivity. With all the talk of only focusing on the things you want to see and the things that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, I’m afraid that the things that deserve our attention won’t receive it.

I’m not gonna pretend I don’t understand their sentiment though. I just feel it was misplaced. For example, if I were, say…obsessing over a past trauma that in turn kept me paralyzed with fear or doubt and prevented me from achieving a goal–that would be a case of my mind creating my physical reality. Or if I had an insecurity that influenced all of my encounters with people in a negative way. These are things that my mind would be responsible for, and they would no doubt shape my physical reality. The fact that the population is being turned into an army of mind-controlled bots is not a figment of my imagination, however. Nor does that cease to be the truth if I only look away. The only thing that happens if I look away and stop analyzing what I’m observing is that I become a bot as well, and guarantee that I’ll never contribute any action to society to oppose this occurrence.

From my perspective of reality, the average citizen is in slavery. Just not the version with whips and chains, which makes it less noticeable. The average person has been reduced to a vessel of survival. We work, eat, sleep, and if you’re fortunate you get some play, rest, and relaxation as well. Overall though, we do as we’re told, think as we’re directed, and act as we’re influenced. Additionally, since the advent of social security numbers, and birth certificates, we are literally physically owned by our governments. You’d think that along with the fact that we need permission for everything we do, and from birth, our lives are completely controlled, we’d be aware that we’re enslaved, yet we Americans love to shout about how much freedom we have. No one who’s truly free needs that much reminding. Being a melanated person in America, I can’t help but reference my own ancestors and imagine where I would be if they only focused on trying to get the most out of the version of reality they were presented with. I’m aware that their version was a lot more uncomfortable and that no doubt played a major part in them taking action. I’m also aware that it’s our level of comfort that influences our inaction, but if we continue in the way that we are, we consent to things being the way they are for future generations.

The system itself is mostly invisible. So I understand why many can’t see it despite waking up to it every single morning. Everything down to our seemingly insignificant morning routines has been shaped by it. Everything we do is to help us fit more comfortably within it. All that being said, I realize that a system will eventually manifest within any collective, but this one is terribly flawed, and yet we’re seemingly accepting of it. I think that most people have waved the white flag when it comes to freedom from it, and are just focused on trying to get the most out of this reality that they can. It’s clear that many of us, especially in America have taken the turning of a blind eye approach to things. Not only to the injustices happening outside of our country but even the ones projected onto us ourselves, and New Age spirituality actually encourages this. It essentially acts almost like a sedative of sorts, which naturally makes me question many of the teachings and their source.

Following your bliss and creating the life of your dreams takes precedence over ensuring that future generations inherit the type of world they should. I mean that in the collective sense, however. It does encourage one to chase their dreams and pursue a brighter future for their own family and offspring, but the days of fighting for collective civil rights are steadily waning. It seems that these will be the same teachings that we pass on to those future generations as well. To just chill, vibe out, and create a life they can enjoy, despite being surrounded by no doubt even more chaos, because in no version of reality will everyone ever be so fortunate. It will actually take most people turning a blind eye and being satisfied with whatever good they’re able to in order for the system to survive. If the wrong people or too many were displeased then things would get messy.

No one really wants to take a look at the problems, unless it’s for our entertainment of course. We live in a world that inspires a new Netflix documentary about scandals, death, manipulation, deception, oppression, and depravity nearly every week. Many don’t care, and those that would are being encouraged not to, apparently for fear that it will negatively impact their manifestation abilities. Last time I checked we really only manifest things through action, not some magical osmosis between the mind and our environment, but through our mind’s perception of our environment. But god forbid something lowers the vibration. Plus, who has time for freedom fighting or paradigm-shifting when there are crystals to buy and rooms to sage?


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